Sunday Musings . . .


It’s Sunday. The day before Monday. In case you didn’t know. I feel like I’ve been hit by a mac truck. I feel like I did step aerobics with a bar all day yesterday and now I’m slowly dying. It was all the up and down on the tub edge while painting and climbing up & down the step stool and forgetting there’s no step on the side I’m coming down on. I’m one hot mess. More than that though, my brain went into delirium this evening and lost track of itself. In my mania I am proud to say I resisted most and only came home with an uber-on-sale corduroy dress jacket for work & culture, The Thomas Crown Affair for 5 bucks and one other little indulgence. I’m excited, yet not. I don’t like feeling this way . . . coming out of my skin with no control of it. Thank heavens I’m too tired for anything completely radical, otherwise I might be dangerous. In confession though, I need to take a closer look at my budget for the next two weeks and be honest and realistic. Even though I know I’m still capably within it, I know I’m not confidently in control of it. That’s a dangerous place to be. And I refuse to put anything on my paid off credit card unless it is an emergency. It’s important to me. I’m feeling a little lost and nutty though today. Like it’s all spinning. I hope it stops soon.

That all being said, I indulged in three of my favorite things today: ♥ Valentine’s Goodness ♥ New Panties ♥ M. Night Shamaylan Movies. People who know me, know I have a thing for Valentine’s Day. It’s my favorite day. And no, not because someone is supposed to tell you they love you and spend exorbitant amounts of money on you or buy you a box of chocolates. I don’t even like those boxes. But rather that it’s a day just about love. It’s nice to even just get a card and a hug. But I love the reds and pinks and hearts and fun lingerie and cute picture frames, etc etc. And I love doing fun little surprises for people. I get giddy when I see it in the stores, though I am emphatically against anything Valentine’s Day related being released until the new year. People who know me, also know that I love new panties. It’s like buying new shoes only cheaper. Most of the time. It’s something fun to make yourself feel good. So I combined the two and got fun girly Valentine’s panties as well as others to remind myself to feel good. And then I spent the evening combing through my dvds on my computer. I couldn’t help but watch Lady in the Water. Oh how I heart M Night Shamaylan movies. I love their creativity and simplicity. There’s always something eternally beautiful in each one that I can hold on to and love. Something that gives me shivers and goosebumps. The Village and Lady in the Water are my favorites. And I still have yet to watch The Last Airbender and Devil. I am interested in seeing how they came out.

Well, I should probably turn in now, seeing as it’s almost midnight. Bad Jen. I wish you all a lovely beginning of the week. Hugs & Love!



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