A Sea of Blues . . .


It’s 11:40pm and I’m thrilled to be able to say I’m laying in bed blogging. You might wonder why this thrills me and how this is different from every other night . . . Good question.

I had a list yesterday. It was filled with all of these things I wanted to accomplish before today. Ya ever notice that when you have a ton to do, God says, “Haha, not so fast. Let there be pain!”. And it was so. I doubled over in the grocery store and wanted to curl into a little ball. I had planned to make pesto pasta. I’m lucky I was able to make a bowl of cereal. And then I crashed. Didn’t even make it to 9pm! Epic fail.

Today I woke up early and found myself in my pjs on the bathroom floor trying to pick out a new color for the room. It was a tough choice. Then my pops & I went off to breakfast where we were greeted by the motorcycle club that meets there once a month or something. On one hand, the announcements are annoying. On the other hand, it’s incredibly interesting to people watch. And then, of course, I promptly spilled orange juice down the front of me. There’s nothing quite like the smell of orange juice as it gets warm and starts to dry on you. Yum. And of course, I had errands to run before I could go back home. Thank heavens I had a jacket with me! So after our breakfast run we went to Home Depot. I could spend hours there. I’m generally not one of these people who feels the need to be overly rushed in there. I put-put. I know what I want, but I like thinking of new possibilities.

I spent the rest of the day spackling, sanding and painting. Rinse and repeat. I forgot how much I abhor room painting after a while. And it sucks twice as bad being in a small bathroom. Confined space, funny paint smell, tons o’ corners & edges. So much fun I almost peed myself. 7.5 hrs later, tape o’ plenty, spilled paint in a tub that I thankfully could clean up and a muscle relaxer . . . I am now the proud owner of a lovely blue (mostly) bathroom. Hotness. At first I freaked out at the color a little, but I think mainly I was fearing the brightness. I should just trust my gut. I’m so proud of it! Good color, will look amazing when I put the finishing touches on it. And I finished it all today. Hotness!

I admit, it was all I could do to climb into the bathtub and take a bath. There was no way I was going to bed feeling so ughy. I have so much I want to do tomorrow, yet I wonder if I’ll be able to move. Or even if I’ll wake up before noon, lol. I long for an extra recovery day. I secretly hope that the snow reports are true and that it snows and sticks. That would be wonderful! I long for a little snow day. But more than that, right now I wish my dog would stop twitching/kicking me in the knee and I long for a nice long sleep . . . Pictures soon to follow.

I hope you all had a lovely Saturday and wish you a productive Sunday. Hugs and love!




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