TiLT: Things I Love Thursday

~ Things I Love Thursday: New Year, New Goodness ~


The first daffodils of the year 
♥ All the tiny cracks in my lovely vase  
Dnacreation’s Etsy shop
That tomorrow is friday. Finally.  
 Being able to rip my dvds to my computer
 Finding $5 & $6 tickets to shows 
The Music For All program
My new green fleece jacket
Finally ordering my snow pants
Finding $60 snow gloves for $20. Oh yeah baby!
 The overusage of exclamation points, hehe
 Finding Dia De Los Muertos light switch plates to go in my soon-to-be-painted bathroom
Getting tickets to an aerial dance showmusic with mandolins & the AWOLNATION show! Oh my yes! 
Making a breakfast and Home Depot date for Saturday morning with my pops 
  The Columbia outlet store and all the good finds. Perfection.  
 Discovering that Barefoot now makes a muscato champagne. I betcha it’s yummers.
 Finding a life vest for kayaking that will fit the girls and is uber on sale at REI. Woohoo!
The scene from 8 Heads In A Duffel Bag where the heads sing
How top ramen can save the day when you realize your first option for dinner went bad
Being able to take a client from frustratedly swearing in an email to happy and excited

Happy thursday to all of my lovely ladies and jellyspoons. Hugs & love! 



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