Be Bold . . . And Other Such Nonsense

Let’s be honest . . . I should be asleep. I got the in bed part down, but the sleep part not so much. I have twenty things going on at once in my brain . . . work, my other work, my outfit tomorrow, what I want to get done this weekend, my budget, having to go grocery shopping (ugh!), my puppydog and her dreamy twitching (so cutes!), excitement over all the culture goodness I’ve gotten myself into lately, feeling good about my walk around the neighborhood tonight, the ickiness of having to get up early tomorrow morning to make my dr appointment in Beav by 8am . . . blah blah blah.

I feel like I spent a ton of money today. What’s worse, I feel like I should feel bad about it. The funny thing is, logically I shouldn’t. All the clothing stuff was within my travel budget for the trip and the culture goodness was all oh so amazingly priced (can you say 5 bucks?!) and fits within my budget for each of the months. I’m going to the concerts and shows stag. Why do most people look at this as something to be pitied? I’m single, not dead. It’s not because I can’t find someone to go with if I absolutely had to, it’s because I’m not dating right now and I don’t think that should mean I miss out on all of this wonderfulness! On a perfectly timed day, I once read something that said “be bold, be brave”. I took it to heart.

My Dad tried to give me a dirty look when I got home as though I should feel horrible about spending money shopping while trying to save. This made me want to give him a dead arm lol. He thinks I didn’t need to buy snow gloves because he had an extra pair. Yeah that’s great, but they are his and from the 80’s. I don’t feel bad when it’s within my budget and it’s one of those purchases you buy once and if you buy well then you don’t have to buy again for a long time. I bought a good product for something like 75% off. Hello!!! Maybe I just need to come to terms with the idea that just because he thinks I should feel bad because I’m doing it differently than he would, doesn’t mean I need to. I’m content with what I bought and everything was what I had planned to buy and within my budget. The only extra thing I got was the life vest and it was 50% off and I feel is worth it since I’m on the river so much and it’s good to have something that actually fits you. Now I’m justifying everything, ugh. Stop that!


What I’d Like To Accomplish This Weekend:

  • Fill prescriptions
  • Make grocery list & do shopping
  • Put Away The Savings Moolah
  • Load of Dishes – Again, effort.
  • Laundry – The reoccuring-ness of it all
  • Vacuum (Can you spell h-o-o-v-e-r?)
  • Swiffer the bathroom floor
  • Measure & look for new frame for bathroom art
  • Clean My Room – Again. This is a weakly endeavor I’ve found. It takes effort. Damn.
  • Rip more of my dvds to my computer (while doing other things)
  • Finish clearing out my closet and drawers
  • Get rid of the TY items
  • Go on at least one longer puppydog walk
  • Start sanding and painting my bathroom (I can’t wait) & decide on a light switch plate image
  • Try again to perfect my oatmeal raisin cookie recipe – the last round was really yummy and was a good place to start, but I’m not a fan of all the unnecessary sugar and butter. I will master an alternative!
  • Make pesto pasta!
  • Make a tuna sandwich (yes, I have to remind myself to plan something like this. Sorta silly.)
  • Finish wall decorating
  • Finish the DM files and VA files – Because I need to and I’d love to have extra money to stash. Who wouldn’t?
  • Start a new book and/or finish the wind book (I’m determined to finish the stupid book now!). Must read for at least an hour.


I feel better having worked out some target goals for tomorrow and this weekend. It makes me feel like the jumbled mess in my brain is more assembled now and easier to tackle. I suppose I should head to bed now . . .

Hugs & Love!



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