Tickets, Pitas and Paper Goodness


~ Tickets, Pitas and Paper Goodness ~


One of my favorite things in life is when you have a truly craptastic day and aren’t feeling up to snuff and then the next day turns about tres fabu! All of the bad washes away and you’re filled with amazingness. You feel light and shiny and everything falls into place as it should . . .

I started singing again on monday. I haven’t sung professionally in 5 or so years. And I missed it so. When I was singing, it was a feeling like no other. My brain was always moving . . . singing, humming, trying to sight read and learn. So I started joined a choir. There is nothing like sitting down and secretly wondering if this is right for you and then being handed Mozart’s Requiem. It sends chills across your skin and even though you know this piece of music is going to rake you across the coals to succeed at it, it will be worth it.

Tuesday . . . was another story. The whole day, all I wanted to do was bury my head back in the pillows. My body was racked from allergies (monster!) and recovering my voice. And work was uber busy since we were down a couple people. People need to stop having babies and moms need to stop visiting, lol. I was so tired by the end of the day that I was practically falling asleep in my dinner plate. I had to persuade myself  to stay up till 8pm so I wouldn’t feel incredibly old. I find it unacceptable to be ready for bed at 6:30pm, hehe. I will say though, before bed I grabbed the greatest groupon! In my previous post I talked about getting some magazine subscriptions. I wandered around on groupon and found one of them for 8 bucks less. Woot Woot! I truly love Groupon. Thus far I’ve gotten two tickets for the Japanese Garden, a ticket to the Symphony and this. Happy happy joy joy.

And the goodness just kept going to wish me a happy hump day! It was a great day at work, good hair day and got a lot done. I got to talk to some of my favorite peeps today and it didn’t pour down rain on me (always a good thing in Oregon!). After work I had to drive downtown to get my Symphony ticket. Nobody loves driving downtown during traffic time. It kind of stinks. But boy howdy, got down there within a half hour and got the perfect parking spot! Oh yeah baby. I make parallel parking look easy, hehe. So I got my seat (Row G, mmmmhm) and skedaddled up to the Pita Pit for some yummy goodness. Sometimes I think the Pita Pit could be one of the greatest things ever. A gyro with spinach, tomato, onion and feta. Yummers! And better yet, I got a free pita. I’m not ashamed to say that I love free food. Earlier this week I got free qdoba. Free food, especially when you are limiting your money, makes the world a better place. And speaking of money, I’m proud to say I stayed within my budget this week, did not spend the extra $20 and had $17 bucks left over. I’m a happy camper. And tomorrow is pay day. Can’t wait!

On a final note, I was perusing the paper today and came across two great articles. The first was on ways to retrain your brain. It was a great article to help you both retain information as well as train yourself with new habits. It gave recommendations for using music, excercise, meditation, yoga, food, etc to assist you in relearning and teaching your brain new things. The second article, my favorite thing, was talking about a new program that Portland is trying out for 6 months. As of late, arts programs (i.e symphonies, ballets, opera, etc.) have been hurting because fewer people are buying tickets. On the flip side, there’s a whole clutch of people who would love to go, but haven’t yet been exposed to it and/or just can’t afford to. Well Portland has partnered with 12 local arts groups to offer discounted tickets to low-income families so they don’t have to miss out. Both parties win, they get to sell more seats and people get to see things they wouldn’t have otherwise. Amazing groups like the Oregon Ballet and Symphony, The Baroque Orchestra, Capella Romana (my voice coach!), etc are participating.  This program makes me want to jump for joy. I love seeing things like this!

Well ladies and jellyspoons, I have more to share, but it’s past my bedtime. Hugs & Love!



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