NMM: Music I Love

New Music Monday: Music I Love


This week I thought instead of sharing new music to me, I’d share music that I love that might be new to you. Some is old, some is new, all of it lovely.


Just Breathe by Pearl Jam

I love how simple and soulful this song is. And it sounds just as good live . . .


Little Lion Man by Mumford & Sons

 I love their old style feel and the passion in their lyrics. His voice, the banjo, mmmmm.


People Say by Portugal. The Man

It’s a newer band, I like that it’s like soulful floating


Tighten Up by The Black Keys

I love the soul in his voice. The end.


I Wanna Be Sedated by The Ramones

I doesn’t matter how old this song is, it makes me dance and mouth the words everytime. Even in the grocery store . . .


Rebel Yell by Billy Idol

If you don’t love this song, I don’t know you.


Invincible by Pat Benetar

Furthering my child of the 80’s-ness, here ya go. Complete with Legend of Billie Jean clips. Go. See it. Now.


Chosen One by One EskimO

This guy’s voice reminds me of James Blunt. I heard this song the other night and I loved the feeling of it. Maybe you will too . . .



There’s lots more where this came from, but that should be a good start. I hope you find something you like. Happy monday and hugs & love!




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