Shenanigans: Ringing In The New Year With Pizzaz


Those that know me know that I’m not much of a crowd person and I don’t go out on holidays where drinking is a big deal. This would include New Years Eve. But before you start down the frown train and contemplate a pitty party, please know that my New Years will still be filled with shenanigans and I will be ringing it in with style. I feel that you can have a good time whether you’re a single beagle or with a significant other, whether you’re out on the town with the ladies and snuggling in cozy with your puppydog. No matter what, there’s no excuse for non-goodness.

I fully plan to be ushering out 2010 and welcoming in the new year with fun and favorite things that I love:

A) Organizing. I like how organizing my space and clearing out the bogus extras clears out my head and makes me feel at peace. I think it’s important to have a space that’s your own and that you feel good in. I plan to get rid of the things taking up unnecessary space, return the items I keep meaning to, and redecorate. My walls can always use some sprucing up!

B) Be Brave & Feel Love. I feel that the new year says I’m a girl who has black painted fingernails and rosy painted toes. It says I’m a girl who’s brave enough to finally wear the lipgloss I’ve been shying away from the last couple times I’ve put it on. And I’m a girl who’s looking foxy and wearing an outfit that I love because it makes me feel good. It may be a fun hat  or a top that’s daring or maybe those shexshy pink heels. Who knows. But it will be lovely.

C) Movies. I love movies. I plan to watch all of the movies I can that I love. I may even finally use that free movie ticket I’ve got stashed. But either way, there will be plenty of movie goodness.

D) Eating To Please. I want to end this year and begin the new with yummy loveliness in my mouth. I want everything to be deliberate and wonderful. Sparkling cider, chocolate, oatmeal raisin cookies, pesto pasta, guacamole. This things sound so wonderfully yummy to me! Might even have a cup of hot chocolate in the morning just because I can.

E) Pictures. I want one picture to end it all and one to begin it all. I love taking pictures. I can think of nothing more perfect than finding a great shot on new years day.

F) Something fun. I have no idea just yet what my fun thing will be for the new years day. But whatever it is, it’s important that I do it. And you too!

Whatever you decide to do, I hope that all of my ladies and jellyspoons are safe and have mucho fun on this, the new year’s eve. Be good and enjoy. Hugs and love!






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