This Year, I Am:


Food & Garden: 

  • Cooking 3 meals at home a week (& planning each week’s meal at the beginning of the week to help shopping)
  • Perfecting my banana bread muffin recipe by June
  • Perfecting my oatmeal raisin cookie recipe
  • Making a fancy cake
  • Volunteering at least once in a Portland community garden
  • Growing an herb/veggie planter garden
  • Keeping my garden alive for the spring & summer growing seasons

Money & Career:

  • Sticking to my budget for the year by planning month by month
  • Getting my taxes done before April 15th
  • Getting an additional credit card by June
  • Getting to work early every day for a month
  • Going to ROCK OUT the new program!!!


  • Getting my passport by the end of the year
  • Going to NYC by train and getting to the top of the empire state building
  • Going to Seattle, doing the underground tour & walking through the Pike St market
  • Going to the Ape Caves at Mt St Helens to hike
  • Going to the aquarium
  • Going to the zoo & eating an elephant ear
  • Going to stay at Wallace Falls
  • Going to Bend at least once
  • Going camping at least once
  • Going to the Oregon Garden
  • Going on the Mt Hood railroad

Spirit & Home:

  • Going to church every Sunday for a month
  • Going to at least 10 cultural events this year (7/10 ~ Turandot, AWOL, Awolnation, OR Symphony Tango Night, Baroque Orchestra, OR Symphony Cuba Night, The Decemberists & RodGab, Mary Poppins, Les Miserables, The Ripper)
  • Starting singing again (can’t wait!)
  • Painting my bathroom (and maybe my bedroom)
  • Wearing more dresses & skirts (tres fabu!)
  • Picking one day a week for a month that you’ll spend extra time in the morning to look & feel pretty
  • Doing a month of private yoga
  • Reading at least 3 new books


  • Painting a piece of pottery from a ceramics place
  • Going shooting at least once
  • Cleaning my room out and making it me
  • Seeing a flash mob
  • Kayaking at least 3 times this summer (June, July & August)
  • Driving in the snow successfully
  • Going snowmobiling
  • Attending another hockey game
  • Going for a willamette jet boat ride
  • Taking Boo swimming
  • Seeing a great live concert
  • Completing Schmuley Weds for at least 2 months in a row
  • Seeing Rodrigo y Gabriela live finally
  • Getting 50 new blog readers
  • Accepting invitations to things I normally say no to
  • Painting at least one painting and selling one
  • Taking more photographs
  • Having movie days
  • Surrounding myself with more good people!
  • Falling ridiculously in love . . .

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