TiLT: Last Things I Love Thursday of 2010!

Final TiLT: 2010


It’s finally here, the last thursday of December, and more significantly, the last of 2010. So I guess I better make this a good amount of thursday love, hehe.


Things That Make My Heart Skip:

Homemade guacamole  My homemade pizza still tasting good cold Getting out of work early for holiday Three day weekends!  Moonstruck milk chocolate bars My christmas-lit dining room Making out my January budget Getting excited new things in 2011  Clean fresh water Warm clean flannel sheets Checking off my weekly to-do list  My stack of huge cooking bowls  My new Timberland combat boots (o yeah baby!)  The smell of oatmeal raisin cookies baking Days when you do nothing with your hair and they come out looking great Watching movies on the comp while laying in bed Planting new narcissus bulbs for more winter blooms Marc Chagall paintings  Cozy flannel shirts My monkey socks Making new years plans with myself Having three culture events already lined up for ’11 Watching Enough. I want to kick butt like her!  Getting cedar garland on sale last minute Checking another thing off the list! My new gothic lowbrow art posters looking fab on my wall Sunday lunches with the girls  Sparkling cider instead of champagne Norah Jones’ Come Away The Brothers album by The Black Keys Mumford and Sons Turtlenecks Clean clothes! Random snow  Blueberry pancakes & sausage for breakfast  Getting my thank you notes done. And on cute stationary too! The Breakfast Club Looking forward to cleaning my desk and closet out My 80’s crush on Judd Nelson and Peter Coyote Redoing my walls for the new year  Finding L-O-V-E at the market  Febreezing my house  Snuggling with the puppydog Getting my weekend grocery shopping done on my lunch break Forgetting to get something at the checkout line, only to realize it’s in the isle right across the way Coming up with new organizations for life Planning new travel trips and excursions Getting rid of unnecessary products Cleaning out my car FINALLY Finding things I had forgotten about. It’s like Christmas all over again!  The Legend of Billie Jean being saved on my dvr  Chapstick Finding new music loves The new year almost here!!!



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