Tuesday Thankfulness


I confess, I find myself to be a bit of a cranky pants this morning. I did not want to wake up. In fact, I found the entire idea of waking up in darkness utterly unacceptable. I laid in bed, mulled around, and then finally convinced myself that getting up would be the thing to do. Still not convinced it is, but if I want a paycheck it is lol. So here I am, me and my zombie-ness, in desperate need of tea. Can you be desperate for tea? I think so. Anywho, in response to all of this, I am trying to remind myself of goodness and to be thankful. More tricky than one might think, but here’s a little help for you too . . .


Thank you Gala. And of course, one last parting thought of wisdom from the notebook doodles . . .


Good luck today. Hugs & Love!



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