Monday Delight



What a delightful monday! First day back from holiday weekends are always a little difficult, but alas I choose to remind myself that we have this friday off too, hehe. I can’t wait! I love having an extra day to get my affairs in order. I will say though, for it being monday, it was great. I wore my necklace for the first time and I felt perfect all day. Good hair day, fancy bauble, amazing! Can’t beat that . . . oh wait, yes I can . . .

For the last couple of days I’ve been eyeballing tickets to a symphony show that’s featuring 18 Argentinian tango dancers and the symphony playing. But, I was himming and hawing at forking over the cash. Groupon to save the day! Thanks to wonderful Groupon, I get a $58 ticket for 20 bucks. Oh yeah baby!!! I’m so excited. I want to bounce up and down in giddy thrill. Nothing could make me happier today! Oh wait, yes it can . . .

I decided to make a goal list for this week. It’s filled with neccesary things and fun things and to-do things. I think it’s important to make your goals known, then you have to answer for them. One of my goals this week was to get the puppydog’s nails trimmed – did my grocery shopping, got her nails trimmed and a puppydog was out of the way all before 6pm! Booyah! Another one of my goals this week is to start acclimating to my 2011 goal of cooking at least 3 meals a week at home. I think this is an important goal because it’s multi-faceted – it assists with multiple goals (sticking to my budget, eating more natural foods/living healthier with food, improve on my recipes, etc). So today I combed online for some recipes that sounded good and went to work this evening. First up, making mini pizzas with homemade dough, homemade tomato sauce, cheese, spinach, peppers, garlic and feta. Tonight I made the dough so that it could spend the night rising and be ready for tomorrow’s pizza night. It’s my first ever adventure using yeast. I’m super duper excited! I want to try to make challah bread soon. Once the dough was set, next I was on to making Guacamole. I’m so pleased with how it came out. I got the recipe from Chevy’s, even used Cojita cheese, but made it a little different based on my own tastes. Next time I’ll add a little more pico and a little more lime juice, but still, what a treat! I was in heaven. And yes, that’s what I had for dinner, hehe.

In the spirit of goal setting, I thought I’d post the rest of this week’s goals for me too:

  • Make mini pizzas
  • Make tuna
  • Make pesto pasta
  • Make a turkey sandwich on the new rye bread
  • Scrub my tub
  • Wash my sheets
  • Wash Boo beds
  • Wash shower curtain liner
  • Do laundry
  • Scrub misc. carpet spots
  • Vacuum
  • Break down the boxes and recycle the holiday bags & paper
  • Go through closet & be honest
  • Sort through desk items and organize
  • Clean out car & put jumper cables away
  • Take away Goodwill & TY items to donate
  • Finish redecorating my walls
  • Get rid of unnecessary bathroom products
  • Make out January budget and forecast 2011 monthly expenses

  • Write down 2011 goals & publish
  • Finally watch Blood & Bone
  • Determine next dessert recipe to attempt & pick next week’s food items
  • Go on a walk with Boo & take our time (preferably not when raining)


Well that’s my goal list so far. I’m sure it will change as I check things off and the week progresses. What are your goals this week? Make some!

Hugs & Love!




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