The Day-After Glow

~ The Day-After Glow: A Christmas Recovery Story ~


So Christmas is over now. The presents all opened. The food all eaten. And everyone now focused on either the mess, or the day-after-deals. Christmas was wonderfully good to me this year, I am always so thankful for my awesome family and friends. So sweet to me! I will admit, though I love giving gifts (especially wrapping!) and the yummy good baking, this year felt different. Transitional almost. Not sure how I feel about that. Just different. I guess it’s a part of getting older . . . Nah, that’s not it, hehe. I want to forever have a child-like giddyness in regards to holidays. An uber love! I think it’s simply me being in that awkward place. Going from here to there and defining everything in between. But that all being said, I’m making progress one step at a time!

Anywho . . . My day was filled with absolute goodness. I started it out by making blueberry pancakes. My first time ever. Yum! Then watched a movie in bed and fell asleep for a little while. Apparently I needed a nap. Then met the girls for lunch and exchanged gifts. I love weekend lunches and catching up. Always lovely! And my girls, oh so sweet. They asked me what I wanted for Christmas and so I directed them to Madame Talbot’s Etsy shop (thank you Sarah for recommending!) and they bought me two wonderful gothic lowbrow posters and frames for both. One was lovely, but two! Ooo la la! And they are perfection on my wall above my bed, I could not be happier! See pics below to drool.


After lunch I couldn’t resist a little venture over to the Monticello marketplace. Last week while I was finishing up a last minute Christmas shopping adventure, I came across something perfectly delightful that I immediately knew I loved. However, because it was personal and not on sale, I didn’t want to make a snap purchase so instead opted to wait on it. I figured if I still wanted it later and it was meant for me, then it’d be there later. And of course, it was! A bit ago I read an article about bringing goodness into your life and a good way to remember it is a totem. Something personal and lovely to remind yourself of the possibilities. And better yet, to share it with people you know so then it’s public. So I think this is the piece I choose. I also found another little slice of heaven that I’ll be sharing later when I find the perfect home for it.


After this, in all my giddyness, I went to the art store and picked up two frames for my prints. And of course, I got all the way home just to discover that they didn’t fit. Well that just won’t do. I was on a mission for heavens sake! So back I went and found the perfect ones. Woot woot! The rest of the evening I’ve spent avoiding laundry and unpacking my Christmas goodies from yesterday. From my dad I got itunes and a portable hard drive. Can you say professional nerd? Oh yeah baby! And from the other side of the fam, my beneath-the-tree-awesomeness was littered with gift cards and kitchen goodies. They know I’ve been baking and cooking a lot lately and now I feel like I made out like a bandit!

A fabulous bowl, kitchenaid spatulas, vanilla, silicone cupcake molds in the colors of the rainbow!, an oven glove, a silpat mat complete with measurement lines and the best . . . a silicone rolling pin. I bask in delight . . .


Well I dearly hope you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with laughter and goodness. And I hope Santa brought you at least one something for lil ole you. On to New Year’s Eve.  Hugs & Love!



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