Reverb10: Day 22


Day 22: Travel
How did you travel in 2010?
How and/or where would you like to travel next year?


Traveling was interesting this year. I took two train trips, experiencing very different situations with both. I would really like to do at least one in 2011. I’m thinking maybe a train trip up to Seattle, a day at the market and then back to town. I could do that I think. The market is on the list, but I’m thinking I need to add the whole train thing. In September I went back east, spent time in DC (later post), NJ and finally went back to NYC. If we go again this year, my goal is to go to the Smithsonian art museum again and to hopefully take the train up from Philly to Grand Central Station and (finally!) go to the top of the empire state building again and be able to look out. Maybe even go back to the Met again. That would be ta da for! Hmmm, I should put that into my budget . . . My trip is in february so that’s the first trip of the year. For the rest, the sky’s the limit!



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