More Geek Than Girly

I like to take pride in my general nerdyness. I make a living out of being a professional nerd with taste. I laugh in the face of HTML code. Ok, not yet, but I totally will!

Today my boss’ gave all of us office peeps gift cards. So sweet! They gave all the girls gift cards to Bed, Bath & Beyond and all the boys Best Buy cards. I am proud to say, that while I am still a girl, I also got a Best Buy card. And thank god too! Apparently my boss long debated about which I’d prefer, but I’m quite partial to the idea that they opted for me being “that” kind of girl. I confess, I would have not been nearly as excited with 50 bucks to over-priced-home-accessories-r-us. I’m not froofy, and while who doesn’t like to smell good, I’m a neutral scent kind of person. potpourri will never be my “thing”.

To further perpetuate the nerd parade, I spent my early evening hours on the hunt for snow boots in DSW. I have big feet so trying to find an esthetically pleasing that actually fits (and fits around my muscular calves) is not an easy task. No bueno. I ordered boots online, but no mas. My long arse foot could barely navigate down the tube o’ fluff and then once it did, the boot would slide no further up than my ankle. Sooo sad. And the sadness just continued all the way through the ladies section . . . So what’s a girl to do? Don’t give up. Get creative! Wandering through the men’s section I found myself and after a little negotiating with the fashionista in me and the crazy sizing that shoes are, I finally found myself all kinds of happy with a nice Timberland boot. Simple, not frilly, will last FOREVA!, and is light enough that I can wear just clod-hopping around. Stupendous! And while men’s shoes may not always be frilly and the “in” thing, what is “in” is more often than not paying less for a better fitting show then I would in women’s. But don’t fret ladies. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this geek has no chic. I confess, I spent the better part of a half hour drooling over electric colored heals and ruffled girlyness. LOVED! If I had no place to go and were wearing the shoes just to look good, I could get into some serious cash trouble in that place. Boy howdy.

I like to look and feel pretty, but I don’t feel the need to stick my finger an inch into my face through the makeup before hitting real skin. I like to dress up, but it’s impractical to feel completely uncomfortable with yourself because you’ll definitely look it! And I may be able to add printers, create share drives and embed videos, but that doesn’t mean you won’t catch me eyeballing a lovely pair of “hello luva!” heels. Don’t be afraid to let your freak flag fly!



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