Ballet To Axemen . . .


~ Ballet To Axemen: ~
One Girl’s Guide To Being Deliciously Cultured While Staying True To Yourself


I like to define myself as cultural. I feel it’s an important endeavor to better yourself and expose yourself to as much of life and cultural experience as possible. There’s so much out there! Why not? But with everything that’s out there, it can get confusing. And while you’re going to and fro, dressing up and down, it can be easy to forget yourself. But with a smile, a little bit of glitter and a lot of pizzazz, you can put your own spin on it and let your light shine.

This weekend I found myself at The Nutcracker. I love this tradition of music and ballet. The costumes, the lights, the orchestra. A delightful swish and swirl of fun. And as an adult going to this now, half of the fun is the pure joy and excitement of the children who go. Their smiles and giggles are filled with innocence that I wish I could forever bottle and I will always marvel at with just a dash of envy. I love ballet because I get lost in the music and the beauty of movement. I have many talents, but I’m pretty sure that will never be one of them. And I’m ok with watching my favorite dancer move effortlessly across the stage and through the air with a look of pure joy on her face. It’s not just the music or the dancer, it’s the passion I can see in a dancer when she is doing something she loves. I love finding that feeling in myself. I challenge each of you to go and see this for yourself. Dare to find something beautiful in something new!

Next up on my culture list: Music. Opera to be exact. Singing hits a different note for me. I love to sing. I love the way music feels in my body. When listening to it pulses through my soul and singing it resonates in my bones. When melody meets magic and there is no other feeling. My dad’s trick to music? Hone in on one instrument, beat or melody. Pick it and follow it. Follow the love throughout the music. What does the music make you feel? How do you experience new music? Have you always wanted to go to that concert but never gone? Ever wondered what rock and classical music sound like together?  Are there new ways you could try new music?

One of my favorite things in the whole wide world are art museums. I love art museums. There’s such a wide variety of beauty and perspective to be found here. And from so many different time periods it’s surely baffling. I can spend all day wandering aimlessly and picking out my favorite sculptures and colors, brush strokes and patterns. I love picking a favorite piece and sitting at it for a long while and soaking up the feeling it gives me. Maybe you have a favorite piece that gives you shivers? Or maybe you’ve never been because you felt everything was too futzy. I challenge you to find a piece that gives you meaning!

Colorful garb. Black makeup. Shouting at insane decibels. Manly rights of passage. No I’m not talking about african tribal dances, I’m talking about sports! While style and class can sometimes be left to be desired at sporting events, nothing beats a good slam and overtime, sudden death shootout! I learned long ago that whether I liked it or not, sports of some sort were going to be on in my house so I might as well get into it. It started with Mariner’s game and nascar, then a pre-season football game and lacrosse matches in the rose garden, and then most recently my very first hockey game. And I have to say, I love it. Sure, yeah, it’s not always interesting and there isn’t always something exciting happening, but that gives you plenty of time to look around and people watch. Woot! So think sports is just for men and tomboys? Go and think again!

As you expand your horizons and try and try again, don’t put yourself on the shelf! Remember to bring a little bit of you into each new thing too. The experience will leave a little with you and you can leave a little with it. For example, I think it’s always important to feel your best when you’re trying something new. When I go to the ballet or the symphony, I like to wear a piece of jewelery or a fancy hair bauble that makes me shine a little brighter. Maybe even my vintage green clutch. When I went kayaking for the first time, I wore my favorite green pants and flips flops. And after the ballet was done and through, I came home and watched Axemen on the tellie in my jammies. It’s always important to keep those special things that are you as you transform into something new. Grow in love as you share your own!

So there you have it my lovies; my own little guide to culture. Be sure to try something new in the new year. Hugs & Love!





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