Reverb10: Day 14


Day 14: Appreciate
What’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it?

I think the thing I’ve come to appreciate most this year is my life. And please understand, that’s not a cop-out. I feel like my life up until this year wasn’t fully mine. I didn’t quite have a clear grasp on the concept that my life was a picture and I could design it to look like whatever I wanted. I found motivation to put myself head first in my job and love it. And it just keeps getting better. The more I put in and fight for it, the better it becomes. I decided to be single and take value in that time that was given to me. I once read a book that said (essentially) that each time of your life is like a season. You rush fall and winter and you spoil the gifts of spring in summer. I chose to instead appreciate this time in my life as a gift and invest back into myself. I started trying things I wanted to do and going to things I wanted to see. I’ve also taken more time this year to appreciate my family. Last year my mom went through breast cancer and that really scared me with the idea that she may not always be there. And my Dad, with his various health issues, the reality becomes more clear that we are all getting older and at any moment it could all change. With that, I made it a point to see my mom regularly. To appreciate moments with my dad differently. To soak it up like a sponge. To learn and to laugh together more genuinely than ever before. I’ve tried to see my friends a little clearer and see the things they are special for and bring to the table. I appreciate more now that my life is an opportunity. I’m giddy with excitement at whatever might be next!



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