Double Cuteface!

It’s Friday and I dub this, “Double Cuteface Day”!


First up on the roster . . . Koda. Koda is Boo’s play buddy at Moomoo’s work. They skip, they run, they play. They are bestest spuds. And Koda has learned that usually when I am there, Boo follows. But not yesterday.



Sad Face


And almost as if in response . . . there’s Boo. Boo background: She does not get on the bed. Before it was because I didn’t let her, but then it became because when I tried she spazzed out in excess puppy energy and couldn’t handle that my face was within licking vicinity. She couldn’t handle it. But last night, she hopped right up and just relaxed. And this face ensued.


So there’s your dose of double cuteface! Epic. I know.



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