TiLT: Things I Love Thursday


~ TiLT: Things I Love Thursday ~




It’s pretty much thursday now. One day closer to friday. Woot! I’m pooped. It’s been a busy and stressful week. I can’t wait for the relaxing next couple of days. But in the mean time, to remind myself to smile, here is this week’s goodness that brought a little love my way . . .


Banana Bread Muffins

Making fudge for the first time

 Puppydog Walks Among The Neighborhood

My Lands End Red & Green Vests

Barefoot’s Moscato Sweet Wine

 Blooming Paperwhites & Their Fragrant Smell

Bowls of Cloves & Their Spicy Smell

Finally getting to see Grissom’s last episode on CSI

Having my holiday gifts wrapped in lovely holiday paper from Tart

Getting Christmas cards written and sent

My neighbor’s multi-color holiday tree

 The Gillette Dad Commercial & The Mtn Dew Skateboarding Wave Commercial

My crush on Ken Watanabe and his foreign man-smirk

 Boo’s puppydog dreams

 Watching Aladdin for the first time in years! (And finding out that “The Hammer” likes it too, hehe)

My obsession with new opera and dance experiences

Storage Wars on A&E

 Participating in the Reverb10 Challenge

Having tons o’ movie goodness on my laptop

Knowing when to quit cooking for a good cause. (And when to buy)

Getting a $15 Starbucks card at the white elephant gift exchange

Having surprises for the holidays

Having digital copies of movies so I can watch a bunch in a row and skip ahead to my favorite parts and go to bed with in happy delight

The weekend being so close

It finally being party day!



Wishing you all wonderful hugs & love!




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