When Life Points You Right



You ever have one of those days that has the potential to really suck big time but then the stars align and everything falls into place? As though God said, “Let this be good!”  Yeah, that’s my hump day. I forgot to set my alarm last night . . . and woke up at 7am. Yet, I knew exactly what I was going to wear, it all felt right and my just-rolled-out-of-bed-hair-turned-awesome was working. There was a beautiful sunrise sky and the dog was quick on her walk today. Perfection achieved.

Other things that went well:

  • My friend finally texted and we’re getting together for coffee after over a year
  • It’s not been raining any time I’ve stepped outside today
  • The guacamole at lunch was extra yummy
  • My dad’s PS3 needed minimal updating this morning for gaming/party night tomorrow
  • I may have found ways to save money on my trip in Feb.
  • Going to dinner with my dad tonight (less money I have to spend) before cooking up a storm


While you’re here though, you should also check out The List. I added some new achievements and things to accomplish – including flash mobbing, sights to be seen and a great 2011 goal filled with fun to be had!


And finally, I was browsing some blog sites this afternoon and came across this awesome cartoonist who takes simple life-isms and makes them into cartoons. The blog is Stuff No One Told Me and below are some of my favorites that go will with some of my recent topics.



My final one is this. I think it really exemplifies what I want my next bit of life to be . . .


Happy Hump Day everyone. Hugs & Love!



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