The Eye Of The Beholder


Every once in awhile it’s good to remind myself of things I’ve done that I’ve loved. One of the art things I love to partake in is photography. I didn’t do a ton this year, but tonight I reflected on some of my favorites and I thought I’d share . . .


I took this photo on a photo excursion trip I took into the Gorge one winter day earlier January this year.
I love how it came out in black and white. All of the lines and textures.


This was taken at the Swan Island Dahlia Farm in ’09 in August or September. Dahlia are one of my two favorite flowers. They’re so many kinds and color combinations. Each one different and lovely. “They are all perfect” ~ The Last Samurai


Wheat field. I love the texture of this photo. It feels warm, like home. I took it at my Aunt’s farm in New Jersey. It bordered the shoreline of a lake and it was the perfect day, warm with a light breeze. This photo was one of my favorites from the day.


The striking colors of yellow and blue are what I love about this photo. My family and I were on a road trip adventure and while driving through the countryside we spotted this field of gold. The entire hillside was covered in it and all I wanted to do was be near it. My family razzed me about all the photos I was taking of it, I even stood in the middle of the road for some shots. I couldn’t help it though, so simply beautiful. I couldn’t stop smiling when being surrounded by so much beauty.


I finish with this photo because it reminds me to be bold. To get it, I drove into the Gorge with the threat of the looming snow line and ice. It was the perfect day, dark and sultry. Fog lining the mountains and a chill from the river. I walked across the tracks, saw this and just had to take it. I was lying on the tracks to get it just right and I loved how it turned out. It reminds me to keep my eyes open, to go for what I want even if the trip is a little bit scary and to be bold to discover new opportunities of beauty and love of life.


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