The Trip

~ The Trip ~


For a bit now I’ve been talking about a trip I’ve been saving up for. So I thought I’d finally share . . .

A couple of weeks back I was reading an article on winter getaways in the northwest and one of the featured places was Methow Valley. Though only a couple of hours away, I’ve never heard of, let alone been. But from what I’ve researched, it looks like a breathtaking place. There is a place up there that offers minimalist housing while still giving you certain luxuries like a microwave, a wood stove, wifi and a covered patio. Check out The Rolling Huts.

The Mission: To stay over 2-3 nights and relax along with the puppydog. To conquer driving and playing in the snow. It doesn’t snow much in Portland so I haven’t gotten much of the snow bunny gene. And even though the mountain is close, I’ve never really been during the winter. When I was younger, I loved the theory of snow, but not the inpracticality of it. Snow angels, snow men, snow ball fights. All is super fun. But alas, cold. I was not a cold fan. Now that I’m older, it’s a little different. Though, yes, still cold, I feel more prepared now. And I long to have fun, snowy adventures.

The Budget: $700. This number is a bit painful. But alas, I don’t have a snow friendly vehicle and I’m certainly not going to try with my car, instead I’m going to rent an SUV for the excursion. And of course, with it comes the gas price. I sort of wonder if this is smart or not, but I keep feeling this draw to go there and do this. Maybe I’m just tired of looking in a magazine at some beautiful place and say, “someday soon”. I’d rather say “now”. So far, I have almost $400 saved. And I have a month and a half to stash away another $300. It’s a bit of a crunch, but they say if you really want it, you’ll find a way . . .

The Extras: So in any sort of trip that is out of your norm, there are extras you outfit yourself with in order to make it workable. Such as the rental car. It’s even worse if you’re a female, because then you start thinking about outfits and accessories. Or maybe that’s just some girls. I have the cold weather accessories. Everything that is, except snow boots. Again, it hardly ever snows here. So I confess, I waited for the 40% off sale and then bought myself some cute snow boots. I got them in green. Grant you, they may not fit. There were good and bad shoe reviews. Fingers crossed for goodness!  I’m also debating on snow mobiling while I’m up there. It’s on my list and since I’m not in the snow that much, it may be something to consider.


So there is the trip. Short, sweet, and lovely.



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