BB Goodness, Breakfast Delight & Sunday Ramblings

~ BB Goodness, Breakfast Delight & Sunday Ramblings ~


What. A. Sunday. Seeing how it’s almost 4:30pm, I’m not sure where it all went. I wasn’t highly  productive, but it was pretty nice all the same. Right now I’m surrounded by a sitting room full of blooming paperwhites and christmas lights. The puppydog is lying on the floor and good tunes playing. I really should take her out for a good walk before it gets too late, but honestly, I’m not all that motivated with the pouring down rain outside. This morning I went out and had a delightful breakfast with a friend at Cup & Saucer. I’ve had a hankering for this place for some time now. They have yummy breakfasts and in true Oregon fashion, all of it is good for you. Bonus Read: the Cup & Saucer on Hawthorne was featured at the end of the movie Mr. Brooks. Oh yeah. Even stuff I wouldn’t normally eat looks and tastes delightful here. I truly recommend!

Came home and mosied around, then fell back to sleep for a couple of hours until it got too hot. Then proceeded to do a little laundry and a dishwasher load which I’m waiting on now. I thought about doing some more cooking, but again, not highly motivated to move. However, please note the banana bread muffin goodness pictured above. I still have some fine tweaking to do, but they came out pretty well. I have one more round to try tonight, fingers crossed for good things!

I can’t believe monday is almost here again. I could handle one more day. Everyone says that though. I’m hoping to get in early though because there’s some things I really need to tackle that I’ve been avoiding. Silly me. I have faith I can whip it out though! And if I’m smart about it, I’ll work a couple of extra hours the next couple days to have a little extra money for this month. That’d be nice.

I’m also looking at taking on another personal project . . . As I said before, I think it’s important to educate yourself and bring forward the best knowledge base you can. Recently I stumbled upon this wonderful list of dozens of free education locations from well-known programs and colleges that puts a wonderful collection of knowledge right at your fingertips. And because I think anytime is a good time to grow, why not start now? I’m thinking of starting in computer science first since it’s appropriate for my business field and learn some things like coding. Beyond that, I’m thinking language, science and history. Maybe a little writing thrown in as well. It’s really exciting for me because I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. I can’t wait to get started!

I’m also contemplated having a tv-no-go week again. Everyone recognizes that to some extent, tv is a time sucker. An hour can seem like a minute. You get sucked in and then wonder where your night went and are baffled at how you get nothing done. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good tv show. I have several each week that I set my dvr to record for me so I can watch later. But with so much going on this week between cooking and working and hopefully some learning, I’m thinking a tv-no-go week is in good order for getting everything done and being sure I get enough sleep. The rules I set forth with thee tv-no-go weeks is that I don’t watch tv really until the weekend. The rest of the week I get everything on my to-do list accomplished and I can have a movie playing in the background while I’m doing other things in my room or falling asleep, but that’s it. I seem to get a lot done on this program so I’m sure it will go well. Here’s hoping.

Well, I’m off to go finish some laundry and other to-dos. I wish you all a lovely sunday evening. Hugs & Love!




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