Reverb10: Day 11




Day 11: 11 Things
What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011?
How will you go about eliminating them?
How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?


1. Clutter

I read an article a bit ago about the need for everything in your house needs to have a home and if it doesn’t, then it doesn’t belong there. I have a lot of “misc. items” that seem to be floating around needlessly throughout my domicile. I have a distinct feeling that getting rid of this endless wasteland will really make my space more useable and liveable. My space is an extension of me; so having unfinished projects, things lying around without a place and items of excess just makes me feel cluttered in the brain. I think not having that around will feel a whole lot better.

2. Clothes I Don’t/Can’t Currently Wear

Everyone has those wishful thinking pieces. Clothes they once wore and loved, but can’t now. Things they bought hoping they’d fit into them. Things that fit, but just don’t suit them. And things they keep for nothing more than sentimental reasons. That’s all great and dandy, but you only have so much space and you can live in the maybe or you can live in the now. I like the sound of the latter option personally. Maybe is great, but it’s not practical. And let’s be honest, if you got back to that size, you may have one piece you’ll be delighted to wear again . . . but the rest uh uh. You’ll want to feel current and fabulous. And digging through fifty different black shirts, sweatshirt piles for the “what if” seasonal change, and the “skinny jeans” pile you hid away (not to be confused with the current skinny jean trend of ick) is never conducive to finding something you want to wear quickly. I can spend 20 of my 30 getting-ready-minutes trying to find something or I can spend 5 minutes and use the others for more useful things . . . like finding my car keys, hehe. I think being honest about this pile will really help make things run smoothly when I’m in a rush as well as let me feel good about the “this is where I am now” feeling.

3. Procrastination

Dontcha just love that feeling when you finally finish something you’ve been putting off foreva only to realize it didn’t take you that long/wasn’t as hard as you thought? Ya, hate that. I really could do without that. I can see putting this habit on the shelf help me in all aspects of my life. Procrastination in work tasks means less time to do more. Procrastination in getting ready sooner means running late and stressing. Procrastination in not completing my to-dos at home means more guilt about it. All of this is silly and can be perfectly avoided. Would I find more time for other things without such silliness?

4. Overspending

I’m notorious for this. Not so much in the overdrawn bank account sort of way, but just in the “oops, where did all my money go?” sort of way. If I am honest with myself, there’s probably two culprits behind this: A) Not creating & sticking to a budget. And B) Emotional Spending. That second one is tricky. I think I’ve gotten a lot better at it, but every once in a while it creeps its little head in. Sneaky lil’ bastard. Sticking to a budget would mean I’d have a more realistic idea or where my money is going and why, and I think it will help me be able to do more that’s on my list to accomplish.

5. Guilt

Guilt is one of those feelings that is just uselessly awkward. Making someone else feel guilty for something they did or didn’t do, you feeling guilty because you didn’t do what you said you would or you’ve been doing something you shouldn’t be. Guilt eats away at your soul after a while. And frankly, walking around feeling that way all the time is awfully tiring. If guilt were gone, wouldn’t there be room for all of these other good things?

6. Time & Energy Suckers

We all know them. Those people who just suck the life out of you and really hold no emotional value of goodness. Someone you secretly avoid but still feel obligated to spend time with, the friend who’s nothing but negative, the colleague that just yammers and yammers on. This year I took on the project to get rid of the people who were holding me back rather than helping me progress forward. The friend you love dearly, but have grown past. The man who is an endless vicious cycle of fun and sex-appeal, but is never going anywhere. The person swamped in negativity that spreads like wildfire. I really want to continue this on into the next year (and my whole life). Life is too short to be spending it with people you don’t enjoy.

7. Wasted Groceries

I’m also notorious for this. I admit it. I often will buy fruit or meat with the intention of making something yummy delicious and then get swamped or, even worse, simply lazy and then the food goes bad. This is no bueno and after a while I’m sure gets taxing on my grocery expenses. I have no idea how much I’ve thrown away this year, but if yesterday’s fridge clean out was any indication, then it’s a very sad number. My wallet would benefit and so would my tummy (for being full) and my booty (for most likely getting smaller), hehe.

8. Intentions

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. In some cases I believe that. In other cases I think it just leads to a less than lovelier life. You intend to call someone, intend to write a letter, intend to give your parent a hug, intend to buy a gift. If all these intentions aren’t followed through, then you’ll find yourself less fulfilled. I want to eliminate intent. There is just do or don’t do.

9. Uneducation

I am what you call, self-educated. I am very book smart without a formal degree. I don’t feel I’m at a disadvantage or “less educated”, just differently educated. But in being this way, both ways actually, you are the driving force forward. You can either stay stuck, or you can absorb more and thrive. Well I want more. It can only get better. I just asked my boss for more knowledge and I stumbled across the greatest free education archive ever concocted. I can’t wait!

10. Frump

 It’s fairly easy to fall into the frump if you aren’t watching. It can be in not updating your wardrobe or not taking a little extra time to do your hair in the morning or wearing a little lip gloss. These little things can make a big difference both good and bad. You stop and you fall into frump. You take the time and it puts a little extra pep in your step. In the last month or so I’ve been putting more effort back into these things and it has made a big difference. I gave my hair a fresh new look, invested in a little new makeup. All smiles! A girl feeling pretty is a force to be reckoned with.

11. Datelessness

I could care less right now about dating any person but one . . . myself. I think it’s good to take yourself on a date every once  in a while. Get yourself dolled up and take yourself out on the town to do go gallivanting, go on an overnight adventure to some place new, go get dirty trying something you’ve been longing for. Why must I need someone else to do such things? I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, other people are lovely and I heart spending time with my bestest spuds or racking up a little canoodling with my squeeze (if I had one). But I don’t right now and rather than pine my life away, I’d like to invest back into me. So I pledge to do more outings and end self-datelessness in 2011!



So there are my 11 things for 2011. I think more than just writing them here, I want to put them some place I see every day. A top 11 goal list to remind myself of the goodness to come. This year had a lot of change in it and I’m hankering for more. I can’t wait! I hope all of you think of some wonderful things that can help you to ring in the new year to come with positive goodness and light!

Hugs & Love!



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