Jailbreak Knickers, Pad Thai Try and Other Such Yummyness


~ Jailbreak Knickers, Pad Thai Try and Other Such Yummyness ~


Happy friday all of my lovely ladies and jellyspoons! And boy howdy, am I happy it is. I’m looking forward to my me weekend. Getting things done for me that have been on my list like returning cans for trip money, getting my eyebrows shaped finally, getting my house cleaned again, laundry (oh my!) and finishing up little to-do projects here and there like wrapping gifts and making yummy goodness. This week has been really busy at work and I didn’t get half the things I wanted to finished. But having the weekend to regroup is really a wonderful luxury that I hope to take full advantage of. Starting with sleeping in tomorrow, hehe.

Recently I found myself purchasing a dvd that I just couldn’t help but have in my collection: Cry Baby. If you haven’t seen it and find a little 80’s twistedness complete with Johnny Depp your cup of tea, then I highly recommend! I’ve seen it once or twice now and I found it hilarious, so for 5 bucks, hey why not. And there’s an awesome jail dance scene too (pictured above).

And speaking of jailbreaks . . . I wore my jailbreak knickers today. I call them that because they’re white and black striped. What is it about knickers that can totally transform your mood? Some are comfortable and relaxing, some fun and flirty, some sexy and sensual. There’s knickers to suit your every mood! And no matter your size, there’s no excuse for not having at least one pair of panties that you love! So if the elastic has seen better days or you find yourself with more holes than three, it’s time to invest in yourself again! Be bold, be daring. Don’t be afraid of the red you’ve been eyeballing for weeks or even months now. Say yes to a flirty pattern or sexy lace! You deserve goodness too.

And since we’re on the subject of trying new things . . . I should share with you my food try policy. So I know, for a fact, there are certain foods I simply have no interest in. Mayo, beets, sour cream, sauerkraut, brussel sprouts, and so on and so on. I do not find these appealing. But something I get very tired of are the uttered words, “just try it”. So unless a certain food had a moral issue with me or I know is going to burn my face off in spice, I make it a point to try it. Just so I don’t have to hear it. One of these foods is thai. I’ve tried thai food from four or five different places now and I’ve tried different things each time. To this day, I still could care less for it. And every single time, I hear, “maybe you just had a bad experience” or “maybe it was a bad place” or “let’s go here. Just try it”. And every time it’s the same. It’s not that it’s terrible, it’s just most certainly not for me. There is a sweetness in every dish that I just really don’t care for. And it’s in EVERYTHING. So today, a free lunch opportunity presented itself to the place and for the dish that my friend has been trying to get me to try for months, I thought sure, what the heck. My final result: Chicken good, still don’t care for the noodles. At least I can say I tried the pad thai . . .

In other yummy goodness news, tonight marks the first time I’ve ever made fudge! And even better, I think it came out well too. The biggest surprise? How easy it was to make! Who knew? I think the biggest thing I’m discovering about long coveted recipes has been that they’ve been twenty times easier than I always thought them to be. I made fudge in under an hour and then all it has to do is sit in the fridge. Umm yes, I can manage that. Assuming all comes out right, I’ll be happy to share with the boys at work. I think this week I’ll also try my hand at converting my banana bread recipes into muffins rather than a bread loaf to aid in the density dilemma. That is, assuming my bananas are still safe. I might pick up some more while I’m out tomorrow. Just in case . . .


Yummy fudge!


Well, I am off to go tidy up and do other postings. I wish you all pleasant goodness and happy cooking adventures.

Hugs & Love!



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