A Lovely Night . . .


Every once in awhile you have one of those nights. You know, those nights where everything is simple and feels like perfection. I can’t get over how lovely it is to be hunkered down in my flannel sheets, puppydog at the foot of the bed, watching a movie and typing on my new computer. Just saying that gives me happy giggles. I understand it’s a material good, blah blah blah. But on the flip side, it’s something I’ve wanted for several years now. Debated about, longed for, hemmed and hawed. And now it’s something in my name that I’m working for. Mine. It’s quite lovely.

Right now I feel content. Surrounded by a space that I’m slowly developing to be what I want it to. I feel good after spending on hour or so working on my budget for the next two weeks and planning my bills and computer payments and saving for my trip. And I feel excited for a weekend of me. Just doing things that don’t involve going places and running around and or spending money or fighting the hustle and bustle. I long to sleep in, to read, to curl under the covers, to tidy my house, to not think a moment more about Christmas presents, to just enjoy me.

Here’s to a weekend of me. Happy friday everyone!


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