TiLT:Things I Love Thursday

~ TiLT: Things I Love Thursday ~



It feels so nice to have this done right on time because I did it earlier this week in anticipation. I think I’ll start putting that into practice!



Clementine Oranges 

Discovering long forgotten Christmas ornaments 

Putting old oddities to good use for decorating (like my Dad’s blue & red lantern – perfect holiday colors!) 

Making Christmas lists and checking them twice 

Finally being able to check Mary off my want list 


 My lovely new dentist! I heart this man who listens to me. And I want to hug his receptionist for being so awesome and explaining things indepthly. I won’t be a pain as long as you take the time to help me understand.

FINALLY shipping my holiday packages. So thankful that UPS is later than the post office!

Getting my oil changed just in time to find out I also had tail lights out. Really glad to beat that cop magnet.

 The lovely new wrapping paper I found at the Tarte booth

Christmas M&Ms and chocolate oranges

The old skool feel of Cee Lo Green’s The Lady Killer album

Planning banana bread muffins

iTunes gift cards that keep me from randomly spending on music without paying attention   

  ♥ Madame Talbot’s Victorian Lowbrow and Gothic Lowbrow Etsy shop. Bonus: She’s an Oregonian too!
Opera tickets to Turnandot. Ooolala!

Discovering Crabtree & Evelyn’s gardeners collection at ULTA. Oh how I thought you were long gone.

Seeing Christmas lights finally go up around the city

 Tom Selleck & Sam Elliott westerns

My laptop coming a week early!

Getting rid of the red curtains from FOREVA ago

Holiday wreaths and garland. They smell so good!




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