Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday



Making Lists

Getting through 130 things I don’t need thus far

Cheesecake cupcakes

Having more room in my room and making it my own space

Finally getting my curtains re-hung in my room

Being able to give away my Edward Scissorhands poster to someone else who will love it

Finally being able to decorate and listen to Christmas music (only acceptable in December)

Driving to work in the fog and serene silence this morning

Eat. Pray. Love. I love this movie! Definitely some profound moments

Finding renewed motivation to kick butt at work!

Having all of my Christmas shopping done and staying within budget!

Sending Christmas cards and packages

Paper white bulbs

The smell of cedar bows

My clothing package finally arriving and opening it like a giddy school child

Biting the bullet and finally ordering a laptop (eeeek!)

Planning my “Love, Me” trip in the snow for February

These snow boots. Loving.

Being brave and getting electric blue toes with snowflakes

Having new room on my bookshelf for what really matters

Movie-going with my moomoo

Puppydog hugs

Moonstruck chocolate

The TED website. I love their ideas! So motivational 🙂

Finding new ways to give this season

Not giving up. Even when you reeeeeeally want to.

Remembering to love yourself during the holiday hustle and bustle too!



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