NMM: New Music Monday

NMM: New Music Monday


Welcome to new music monday. Except I’m late. I told you I was working on that whole consistency thing. Ok really, I had this partially typed out and was ready to go, but the internet went caput and so did my day yesterday so . . . blarg. I’ve come up with a “punishment” for days I am late: Not only do I have to come up with new music, but I also have to come up with at least three songs that made me smile. I figure that’s more work for me and you’ll still get a music fix. Good compromise?

So a little about me . . . I’m a music junkie. I love music and have a very eclectic collection. And no, I’m not one of those ding-dongs that says they love music but then only listens to one type or can’t name anything or why they like it. And I don’t like songs just because they are in a show or movie. I may discover it through the song or movie (i.e. Leonard Cohen’s Who By Fire from a Criminal Minds episode), but I don’t say I like it just because it’s in association with that item. For example, I have a friend who loves “Supermassive Blackhole” by Muse, but she hates all songs by Muse. The only reason she likes that one is not because she likes it, it’s because it was in Twilight. I deem these people music listeners, not luvas. Be a luva people, not a listener.


Alrighty, on to my NMM picks:


Bruno Mars ~ “Grenade
(I know it’s mainstream pop, but I heard it and can’t stop listening to it)

Tom Waits ~ “Little Drop of Poison
(He has this great old school gravel sound to his voice)

The XX ~ “Crystalised
(For me this song has this interesting seductive feel that kind of gets under my skin. Love.)

Leonard Cohen – “Who By Fire
(I love how simple, yet powerful this song is. And the backing vocals are just the right level to pair with. And the string ending is wonderful, I just wish it weren’t the end.)



Songs That Made Me Smile Today – 80’s style:

Dio – “Rainbow In The Dark”
(This song makes me giggle because even though he says rainbow in a hard rock song, I can’t help but get into it. And if you like this song, check out Holy Diver)

Billy Idol – “White Wedding”
(Because who doesn’t love Billy Idol? hehe)

The Cure – “It’s Friday, I’m In Love”
(Not sure if this guy is fickle or just really feels TGIF, but who doesn’t feel happy with this song?”


Well there you have it. Happy belated monday everyone! Tune in next week for a Thanksgiving themed NMM.




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