Remind Me Of Love


Remind Me Of Love . . .

I once read this article about someone overhearing a mother and daughter coffee shop talk about their lives. Mother would say something she remembered . . . a moment, a person, an experience . . . and the daughter would always point out something negative about it.
Finally, the mother got so fed up that she said, “I only want to be reminded of love!”


I guess this is my first post here. It’s certainly not my first blog post ever, nor will it be my last. But it’s my first here. I’m switching my blog from blogger to wordpress, thought I’d take a chance. Still tweaking everything so you’ll just have to bare with me . . . I will post some of my past posts that I love and continue them here, as well as all new things.

You might wonder what it’s all about . . . remind me of love that is. So far it’s just about me. My journey towards falling back in love with life. Picturing what I want mine to look like and then making it just that. I have a strict policy of honesty and a love for all things sweet and wonderful. I have fantastical tastes with a wit of sarcasm and a thirst for new.

A little about myself . . . thus far I am a twenty-something in Ptown. I love it. I just recently discovered that not only is my life mine, but I can make the picture of it to be whatever I want. Monday-Friday I am a professional nerd and despite potential future frustrations, I love my job! I’m a total list maker. Call it the anal-retentive in me. Lists of to-do’s, lists of things I’m getting rid of, lists of things I want to achieve, lists of things I need to remember. Lists, lists lists. I’m a newer (this year) puppydog owner so I’m sure you’ll get used to puppydog pics filled with cuteface. By fall and winter I am a book worm. Those are my reading months. I have endless shelves upon shelves that I still have yet to completely read the material of. I am an amateur chef. Very amateur. You can expect to hear about my cooking adventures as I cook new things and check food recipes of The List. I guess I also consider myself an artist. I sing (never karaoke), take photographs, start craft projects and I paint. I will have to share some goodness with you. Most of all though . . . I’m a luva of love. I love all things love. And not just love with a partner, but the love you have for those around you, the beautiful things and most of all, you.

Some things you can come to expect (hopefully) will be 3BT items (just discovered this and love!), TiLTs, and New Music Mondays. I’m still working on my consistency skills so hopefully this experiment will be a good step in the right direction.

On that note, I sign off. All of my love to my new ladies and jellyspoons!




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